Integrated Marketing Success Takes Consistency and Patience

I meet many marketers who are frustrated by an inability to connect with their target audience in today’s cluttered culture. Communicating a business message is more difficult than ever, with customers experiencing distractions in the workplace, ever-increasing demands on time, and a rapid shortening of attention spans.

Multichannel Marketing

The key to success is a marketing strategy that emphasizes multiple channels and contact points with the delivery of a consistent brand message over a longer period of time.  In the past, the goal was to “disrupt” the customer and break through with a marketing offer, but now, we must educate and provide valuable content that can be leveraged by the buyer to help achieve their individual goals. When your customer has a problem and they decide to tap their trusted resources for the solution, will they remember and seek to find you?

The Challenge We Must Face

Are you using highly personalized messages that communicate specific details of a niche problem and offer a solution for that need?  Are you building trust and demonstrating your expertise by giving away information that helps your customer meet their goals? Are you volunteering your time and working along side the decision-makers you want to reach, developing personal relationships while growing a positive reputation in the community you hope to serve?

There is no single answer to getting your message through to customers.  A sensible mix of both new and traditional media channels must be deployed to effectively communicate your brand and deliver your unique offering to the marketplace.

Mike Petrusky Profile PicMike Petrusky is an Account Executive for Kayrell Solutions.  He has been offering marketing products, services and solutions to clients for over twenty years. You can follow him @MikePetrusky on Twitter.