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“Elite Status”: Are Your Customers Achieving It?

Did you ever notice that after investing a bit more to upgrade a feature or service level for something, it becomes difficult to go back to the prior experience without feeling a sense of disappointment? I remember the first time I purchased a car with a leather interior. It made it hard to imagine going back to fabric seats. Have … Read the rest

Be Sure to Choose the Right Kind of “Pride”

“I’m so proud!”

I’ve often wondered about the meaning of “pride” and the fact that “being proud” can either be a very positive characteristic or a truly negative quality in people, depending on context. My daughter just graduated from college, and of course, I told the world how “proud” I was of her accomplishment. But, wait a minute. I … Read the rest

For Business & Marketing Success, Beware of “The Default Setting”

What is “The Default Setting”?

At this point in your career, you have certainly been encouraged to “think outside the box” at one time or another. This catchphrase for creative thinking is so universal, it is now considered a cliché. Still, I like the concept because it challenges us to look at business in a different way and

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Integrated Marketing Success Takes Consistency and Patience

I meet many marketers who are frustrated by an inability to connect with their target audience in today’s cluttered culture. Communicating a business message is more difficult than ever, with customers experiencing distractions in the workplace, ever-increasing demands on time, and a rapid shortening of attention spans.

Multichannel Marketing

The key to success is a marketing strategy that emphasizes … Read the rest