Let Me Watch My Netflix…NOW! (DC-MD-VA Printing Services)

It happens way too often…and at the most inconvenient times.  I’ve been using a Sony Playstation 3 as the portal to get Netflix on our TV and when it works the way it is supposed to, it is really a great thing.  Watching old TV series without the commercials and without the need to wait a week between episodes is a truly wonderful gift.  My daughters and I watched the entire series of “LOST” (6 seasons) in the time it would normally take to watch a single season on commercial TV – really cool.

And now, I am re-watching my favorite series of all time on Netflix –“24”- featuring the amazing feats of Jack Bauer, our great American superhero!  A single episode runs about 40 minutes without the commercials, so that is the perfect time to run on the treadmill, and a great motivator. Well, sometimes, I hop on the mill and want to get my show started, but the PS3 decides that it’s time to run a software update.  This can take 10 or 15 minutes to load, and until I do that, the Playstation won’t allow me to sign in to Netflix.  Totally frustrating!

Now, I understand Sony would like to keep my system updated, and I appreciate that, but why not give me the option of doing it later, at a time of my choosing?  Instead, they bully me into loading new software by rendering my device useless until I comply with their demands.  It reminds me of those websites that require a login before showing me the content I came to see. Sure, you can ask me for my email, and if I like what you’ve got, I’ll give it to you willingly.  But, don’t try to extort it from me, before I get to see what you are offering.

How many times has a vendor made you fill out some online application or credit request before they agree to give you information, a quote or let you shop with them?  Probably just once, because when they make it that difficult, it’s likely that you’ll avoid that supplier in the future. There are far too many options available for customers today, so it is critical that we remove any obstacles before them that might derail the potential business relationship before it has a chance to begin. Sony may have a nice system, but there are plenty of other ways to get Netflix on my TV, and I’m considering those options now.

When engaging customers, our first priority is to make working with us as simple as possible.  Please tell me if it’s not.  We would never deliberately do anything to keep you from getting what you need at the exact time you want it. We strive to make it incredibly easy for you to plan and execute your project, so you can sit back, relax, and “enjoy the show”…as Jack Bauer would say… “NOW!”

Mike Petrusky is an Account Executive for Kayrell Solutions.  He has been offering marketing products, services and solutions to clients for over twenty years.  While he might not “save the world” like Jack Bauer, he tries hard each day to make work a little easier for his customers.